Automatic closet, pantry, or cabinet light activated by door switch

Rough-in Phase:
Run Cat5 from lighting panel to the light fixture.
Run Cat5 from the light fixture to the door switch location.
If you’re installing a magnetic or plunger type sensor, drill the appropriate sized hole and wait for trim phase.

Trim Phase:
Install sensor.
For simple on/off with no remote control or dimming capability, use a LumenCache Switch Driver Adapter.
These devices read the Green pair (TIA-568 B) for open/short switching and creates a Control Channel signal in the attached CC or CV Puck.
The Control Channel signal is available if you need to send it to more than the attached Puck via the Control Channel jumper selector.
The Switch Driver Adapter contains a Reverse Switch to change it from Normally Closed to Normally Open operation.
Install light as normal using the SIB that comes with the Switch Driver Adapter. This SIB has in IN and SWITCH port. Connect the IN to the Cat5 from the Power Distribution Module and connect the SWITCH to the switch.